Student Conduct

One of the most important aspects of our school is the diversity in our students and staff. We come from all walks of life and demonstrate pride in our individuality in different ways. As a school, we want our students to feel comfortable being themselves without concern of discrimination from others. We take discrimination, harassment and disruptive behavior among students very seriously. Your conduct during school should always be professional, considerate and respectful of everyone involved.


Our policy as a school is to give our students as much freedom as possible with their schedule to accommodate for life outside of school. Every student is required to attend a minimum of 24 hours per week. While we allow you to set your own hours based on when the school is open, once you set those hours, we expect you to attend the days you commit to, be on time everyday and do not leave the school early or outside of your allowed breaks.


Our school is not the easiest to get through, we are not the fastest or cheapest either. We strive to provide a solid, consistent education to each of our students so that they can graduate with the tools to have a career in the tattooing industry, not just a license. The workload that each student is given is comparable to a college course both in content and structure. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress while enrolled in the program.

We believe in giving you the tools and positive environment to be successful, that’s 50% of your experience. The other 50% is you! You get out of it, what you put into it. Ask questions. Be inquisitive. Take the initiative. Use all of the resources provided by our school to their full capacity.