Forbidden School of Body Art is owned and operated by Jessica Vann. The program, The Art of Tattooing, is taught by Jessica Vann, Damon Warriner, Jessica Van Stappen, Vaughn Hurlic, and Chris Rice and their individual teaching assistants.

Jessica Vann- Director/Instructor

Jessica instructs students tattooing on the procedure floor as well as teaches Group Learning Classes throughout the program. As the Director, Jessica also spends much of her time overseeing the general running of the business, writing curriculum and conducting progress meetings with each student throughout the course. She played NCAA soccer and studied Literature and Education at Pepperdine University and Portland State University. She has been a licensed tattoo artist for 11 years and tattooing is her primary medium.

Damon Warriner- Educational Director/Instructor

Damon graduated from Forbidden School of Body Art in 2009. He started his tattooing career in Nebraska at the age of 17. Damon studied Art at Portland Community College and has many years of experience in customer relations and communication. Damon is the Educational Director, supervising student tattoos on the procedure floor and teaches various Group Learning Classes. He also oversees each students progress through their coursework, conducts progress meetings and assists in curriculum development.

Jessica Van Stappen- Director of Staff Relations and Training/Instructor

Jessica graduated from Forbidden School of Body Art in 2013. She holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin Superior. Jessica instructs students during their theory and practical coursework. She supervises students on the procedure floor as well as instruction during small group classes and discussions.

Chris Rice- Instructor

Chris graduated from Forbidden School of Body Art in 2014. He has experience in oil painting, charcoal and large scale murals. Chris has shown his artwork at numerous exhibitions and studied under Berry Pelzner at Pacific NW college of Art. He teaches various group classes and supervises students on the procedure floor.

Vaughn Hurlic- Instructor

Vaughn graduated from Forbidden School of Body Art in 2012. He previously worked various hands on jobs including woodworking, metalworking, bakery chef and grocery store management. Vaughn attended Clackamas Community College in their Physician Assistant Program. He has a strong foundation in customer service and business relations and teaches many of the group classes in the Theory portion of the program. Vaughn enjoys tattooing all styles especially mandalas.