Post Graduation

Post Education & Graduates

Certificate and Placement

Upon satisfactory completion of all graduation requirements a student will be awarded a certification of completion of The Art of Tattooing program. This certification is required by the State of Oregon to take the Tattoo Artist Licensing Exam. After a student passes the State Exam and is issued a State License the school will assist them in finding job placement. Options for job placement, if positions are available, include other local shops and/or a post-education employment opportunity at Forbidden Body Art, an affiliate of Forbidden School of Body Art. Graduates will have an adequate tattoo portfolio and flash portfolio to show prospective employers. Graduates are required to complete a Final Project which will prepare them for interviewing, supplies ordering, resume writing and entry into the tattooing industry. The school does not and cannot guarantee employment.

Post Education Employment Opportunity

The Post Education Employment Opportunity is a platform for students to transition into the tattoo industry upon graduation and licensing. Post Education Employment is not guaranteed and is contingent upon previous performance within the school setting. A partial list of traits we look for when considering Post Education Employment include a humble attitude, drive to learn, satisfactory attendance, punctuality and reliability, great client relations and organization, motivation and a healthy lifestyle.

The Post Education Employment Opportunity serves two purposes. The first is to better the graduates portfolio, giving them a stronger tool to apply at a studio they wish to eventually work for. Second, it keeps the graduate working in a clean, safe, and legal environment. Discounted continuing education classes are also available for participants in the Post Education Employment Opportunity.

This opportunity is not part of the Forbidden School of Body Art curriculum nor is it guaranteed to students who enroll and graduate from the program.

Alumni Placement List

Listed below are tattoo artists in the industry who graduated from the Forbidden School of Body Art program. The artists with “FBA” next to their name were accepted into our Post Education Employment Opportunity and used it as a platform to build their portfolio and gain experience leading to an employment position in the industry.

Many of our Alumni were accepted into a shop upon graduation while others have opened their own shops both independently and with other students from the program. The shops listed below are the last known studio that the artist was employed at. We do not update the listings, so artists may have moved to other shops.

We would like to take the time to thank all of the shops we have worked with in order to place our graduates into the industry.


Name Location
Alexa Feeley Opal Ink, Portland OR
Amanda Killoran FBA Alternative Tattoo, Beaverton OR
Ashley Onstott FBA Violet Star Tattoo, Portland OR
Ashley Sigmund FBA Sellwood Tattoo, Portland OR
Austin Tatious FBA Equinox Tattoo, Gresham OR
Bertrand Debruge FBA Tattoo Asylum, Forest Grove OR
Bill Krops FBA Equinox Tattoo, Gresham OR
Bob Jones FBA Jackalope Tattoo, Portland OR
Bonsai Enerjahtics
Brandon Hildebrandt Dead Gods Tattoo, Portland OR
Brianne McNinch Black Hole
Bridgette LaReau In Living Art Tattoo, Portland OR
Brittany Oslund FBA Time Bomb Tattoo, Coos Bay OR
Chantel Chan FBA Sellwood Tattoo, Portland OR (Owner)
Christiaan Pullings Stand Fast Tattoo Studio
Christopher Rice FBA Forbidden Body Art (Instructor)
Cody Roessner FBA Seven Zodiac Tattoo
Courtney Klunder Hollywood Tattoo, Portland OR
Damon Warriner FBA Forbidden Body Art (Instructor)
Dan Obolewicz Skeleton Key Tattoo, Portland OR
Daniel Clave Thought Crime Tattoo, Portland OR
Daniel Donaldson Martian Arts Tattoo Studio
David Garcia Ink & Iron Tattoo Studio, Portland OR (Owner)
David Goldstein  Dead Gods Tattoo
Deke Harms Monolith Tattoo, Bend OR
Derek Yost Black Hole Tattoo Oregon
Devon Ward FBA  Forbidden Body Art
Emily Fong FBA  Metamorph Tattoo, Chicago IL
Emily Kaul FBA Opal Ink, Portland OR (Owner)
Haley Gogue Off the Map Tattoo, Grants Pass OR
Harry Lau Sellwood Tattoo, Portland OR
Isaiah Fasske Black Hole Portland, OR
Ish Vega FBA Murder Ink, Portland OR
Ivan Diaz Murder Ink, Portland OR
J Violet Van Stappen FBA Forbidden Body Art
Jake Ellsey FBA Nolans Tattoo Parlour, Coos Bay OR
Jake Marshall Forbidden Annex, Portland OR
Jake Pooler FBA Thought Crime Tattoo, Portland OR (Owner)
Jason Roberts FBA Sideshow Alley Tattoo, Portland OR
Jazmyn Johnston Black Hole Tattoo, Portland OR
Jesse Wearne FBA Rogue Tattoo, Medford OR
Jo Su Private Studio, Guatemala City Guatemala
John Jeffries FBA Aardvark Tattoo, Portland OR
Josh Ludlow FBA Sellwood Tattoo, Portland OR
Josh O’Renick O’Boy Studios, Portland OR (owner)
Kari Hegney Martian Arts, Portland OR
Kathleen Murphy Silver Quill, Portland OR
Kathryn Dillon Tigerlily Tatoo Portland, OR
Kendra Gruis Evolved Arts, Portland OR
Kim House Raven’s Eye Tattoo, Hood River OR (Owner)
Lady Bond (Jami) Forbidden School of Body Art Instructor Lady Bond’s Temple of Tattoo, Vancouver WA (Owner)
Laura Getner FBA Off the Map Tattoo, Grants Pass OR
Leah Greenwood FBA  The Hive Tattoo, Portland OR
Lindsay Carter FBA Opal Ink, Portland OR
Lisa Hubbard FBA Lisa Hubbard Tattoo, Vancouver WA
Luke Malone FBA Bad Kitties, Neberg OR
Luke Moore FBA Dead Gods Tattoo, Portland OR
Marissa Devito Seven Zodiac Tattoos
McKenna Carlisle Historic Tattoo
Mike Clave FBA Thought Crime Tattoo, Portland OR (Owner)
Mira Kent FBA  Freaks and Geeks Tattoo, Portland OR
Mitch Ikola The Silver Quill, Portland OR
Nathan Humin Ji Equinox Tattoo, Gresham OR
Paige Vang FBA Vang Ink – Permanent Cosmetics & Tattoos, Spokane Valley, WA
Pony Reinhardt FBA Tenderfoot Studios, Portland Oregon (Owner)
Raul Casillas Romo Universal Rites Tattoo, Ashland OR
Redd Clark FSBA Happy Camper Tattoo, Portland OR
Reed Davidson FBA Jaded Soul, Portland OR
Renee Barasch Ronin Art, Portland OR
Ryan Burke FBA Tattoo Asylum, Forest Grove OR (Owner)
Sage Trail Opal Ink, Portland OR
Sam Lensen FBA Paramount Tattoo, Portland OR
Scott Berg Ronin Art, Portland OR
Shalynn Doan Spellbound Tattoo, Spokane OR
Shashonna Knecht Annex Tattoo, Springfield OR
Shelly DeAngio FBA Equinox Tattoo, Gresham OR (owner)
Stacey Tackett FBA Philadelphia Tattoo Collective, Philadelphia PA
Stephanie Gapsch FBA Lady Bond’s Temple of Tattoo, Vancouver WA
Sydney Webster FBA Opal Ink, Portland OR
Tessa Eckardt The Lucky Mermaid, Portland OR
Tiffany Rider FBA Black Rose Tattoo, Dundee OR
Toby Good Jaded Soul, Portland OR
Todd Morgan FBA Silver Quill, Portland OR
Tyson Dodge FBA Murder Ink, Portland OR
Vaughn Hurlic FBA The Happy Camper Tattoo, Portland OR