Mission Statement

The Art of Tattooing Program teaches safe practices, the science of tattooing, technical ability, customer service and business operations as the foundation to becoming a tattoo artist. Forbidden School of Body Art takes a progressive approach with students by exploring technological impact and various artistic themes, developing a diverse portfolio and creating a healthy perspective for the future of the industry as well as themselves. The goal of the program is to equip students with the cutting edge tools and marketable skills to excel in tomorrow’s competitive market.

The Art of Tattooing prepares the student for a career in the tattoo industry. After obtaining certification from the program, a student may become a licensed tattoo artist. Other potential career paths include, but are not limited to, a tattoo shop manager, a tattoo shop owner and tattoo retail and distribution.



We are proud to announce our recent




Chris Rice is tattooing here at Forbidden Body Art and is also an instructor in training.





Nathan Ji is participating in the graduate program and tattooing here at Forbidden Body Art



Bonsai has opened his own tattoo studio! Find him at:


2020 SE Bush St

Portland, OR


Ivan will be tattooing in our graduate program at Forbidden Body Art!

Contact him at 503-816-4691







Our students have a wide range of artistic styles and backgrounds, check out their portfolio's to find the right artist for you!

Forbidden Body Art Tattoo School

The Forbidden Standard
At Forbidden we know you will have a great experience before, during and after your tattoo. Our professional staff is here to help you every step of the way to get a great finished product. Your tattoo lasts forever, make sure it is done right!

Forbidden School of Body art Program

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